Staron Worktops & Work Surfaces

What is Staron and what are Staron Worktops?

Staron is a high quality, luxury, 100% acrylic Solid Surface material manufactured by Samsung.

Staron is a versatile and robust solid surface product which can withstand every day wear and tear and whilst being hygienic, durable and stain resistant also offers elegance and beauty.

Whether you are planning a new luxury kitchen worktop or a lavish curved reception desk, Staron is the ultimate choice and will exceed all of your expectations.

Why choose Staron worktops?

Staron have a selection of over 100 very impressive Staron Colours on offer and you will truly be amazed at their unique Staron Tempest range of colours which have got to be the most ore inspiring solid surface colour range on the market.

The Staron Tempest Colours really are exceptional and are a testament to Samsung’s commitment to be one of the very best solid surface providers in the world.

The superb colours of the Staron Tempest Peak and the Staron Tempest Adamantine are both delightful and striking, whilst the depth of the Staron Tempest Glimmer and Staron tempest Rattan are truly exquisite.

Staron Worktops also have a recycled range of colours which are a great addition for the Staron brand. The Staron recycled colours are ideal for use in any contracts which requires the BREEAM certification.

Using Staron solid surface on your next project will enable you to take advantage of the limitless shapes that can be produced from sharp angles, dramatic curves, stunning free flowing Island worktops and a beautifully shaped peninsular.

It will also give you the option of having fully integrated up stands, sinks and even end panels leaving the project looking spectacular.

Staron solid surface really is a joy for all designers and architects that crave a way to bring excitement to their concepts.

What attributes does Staron have?

  • 13mm thick Staron layer with a top quality mdf sub frame
  • Heat, stain, impact and scratch resistant, but if damage does occur worktops can be renewed and easily fixed
  • Non-porous and 100% hygienic surface which make for easy maintenance
  • Has seamless joints and solid surface sinks that are moulded to the worktop for that integrated look
  • Templating and fitting service by Staron quality approved fabrication and fitting team
  • Comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
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Staron Colour Range for Worktops and Work Surfaces

This is the range of Staron colours that is available for use in kitchen worktops and work surfaces.

Small samples of Staron worktop/work surface are available on request.

Please Note: The following images are provided as an indicative resource only, representing the colours available in each product group. The representation of Solid Surface colours digitally, or in print, may not provide 100% accuracy in relation to the colour or finish against physical material samples. Prestige Work Surfaces Ltd bear no responsibility as to the level of colour accuracy in this digital guide. The contents and colours in this guide are subject to change as per the material supplier’s availability.

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